Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A day with many hours!

So baba is being working allot for many reasons mainly to be able to take off a couple of days. However today that he was off he was able to accomplish so many things and still had time for some family time.
Everybody got some tender loving care.

The car got a tune up

Baba sat with Samia and cut out some from the pictures of toys that she wants Santa to get for her. Actually I felt good she pick 2 items we have for her, the rest of the items would be like Abuela says "Dulce para los ojos" (Sweet treats for the eyes, hopefully one day I can translate this phrases perfectly)

While this was going on Milo decided to explore Siwa's kennel

The family got to go and see the house

We had a gourmet meal at Burger King.

We had a walk and got to see the leafs changing color (not to sound mean but after seeing the leafs change in New York, Vermont, not sure what to think of the leafs change in Baton Rouge, LA)

Then the family took a nice tour of Mitchael's craft store..I guess baba does not realize how much he loves this store till he sees this picture, he wants to paint your first rockers, I guess the degree in art is kicking full gear now with the girls getting bigger and appreciating things, Samia you were sitting in this chair the whole time you were at the store baba had to push you around in the chair

Before bed night baba, mami and Samia wrote her first letter to Santa, I was amaze she was saying Santa Claus, Papa Noel my baby is getting big.

Fue un dia lindo gracias a Dios necesitabamos este dia para pasarlo como familia a veces los dias pasan y pasan y nos damos cuenta que no hemos tomado tiempo para apreciar y mimar a nuestros seres querido.

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