Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Barrette Tutorial

Nenas I was thinking I should show the two of you how I make my crafts this way when the two of you grow up if you want to do some crafts you just follow what mami did.

Barrette I got this from a website and I was impress on how easy it is made, I have made it with felt and fabric.

Felt or fabric
Sewing Machine or needle
Lots of imagination

-Take the barrette and trace it in top of the felt

-Cut the piece
-Then cut another felt in the same shape of the barrette however make sure this second one you cut a bit shorter.

-Sew around the edges
-Stick the barrette in the little pocket you have just created

-Run your imagination to decorate, you can use buttons, felt made flowers or shapes, leather,
beads, etc, etc.


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