Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Storage Crafts!

Samia y Gamila today was the start of collecting all of your crafts, drawings, etc. So this is how it goes, Samia lately we sit for at least 30 minutes and we draw, paint, glue etc. Just some paper work at the beginning you would use the same page for a while till it was completely full. However I think you discover that you can get a clean sheet every time you ask for one, so sometimes in the 30 minuets you produce 10 or more different pages with different drawings.

I have being keeping them on top of the table but yesterday night baba and mami were picking up the toys and I pick up the drawings and said " Well Yehia I guess I will throw this away she is going to make many more in the years to come Inshallah" Baba answer "Are you crazy we are saving them lets put them in a plastic bin" I looked at baba like you are insane...but I went to do some other things when I came back baba had already put dates on them so we can remember when they were made.

Nenas this just shows you a little bit on what kind of human being is that wonderful man that that Samia calls "YEHIA" and Gamila is starting to mumble "baba".

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Kim said...

Awww..your husband is a WONDERFUL MAN!