Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gamila my Milo

Milo what can I say about you my sweet and sour.  You can be that sweet that I can never get enough but at times you can be that sour taste that I can not get rid of.  But with that being said you are the one that makes me giggles most of the time and make me scream and feel alive.  You are talkative, expressive and caring in your own mischievous way.  

You are so much fun, there is no dull moment with you...those lips say the darn est thing.  the other day you asked me if daddy came back would I fall in love with him again.  I was baffle but then again you are the one that in every sentence uses the word probably or Thank God...yes you use a vocabulary that not even SAmia uses.  You Spanish is also very good or maybe because you don't stop talking.  

You can be a baby or a big girl in less than a second and you can strike up a conversation with a total stranger and even show him or her your dancing moves.  Although you look very arabic you are totally hispanic your hands and shoulders move like there is no tomorrow when you talk and your eyes roll all over the place.

You love to wear bracelets and necklaces I think that your accessories weight more than you at times my Milo.

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