Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Our life has change allot in the last couple of months.  First baba left us then we file for divorce then the kids start spending time with baba at this house...wow nenes that is hard very hard, not sure if one day I could explain everything that went on but for sure there are allot of paper trail.  Who is too blame one day you guys would have a chance to hear the two sides of the story and just know.  Because even though mami and baba are not together in this journey you 3 have been my priority.

Samia you are my special girl you care so much about me and you are so sentimental, I can just see how much you suffer with this whole situation.  However nena the last couple of days you being very happy.  Today we went to  your school for a meet and greet you are so excited you will be learning to read and write soon.  I can not wait to have you read to me, I know you are going to love that.  You are growing up fast you love to look pretty and I have to add you say the funniest things.  The other day you told me I talk to God and asked him for 3 little kids and God gave me Samia, GAmila and Amir.  I just love that innocence in you.

You love to put on make up or have me paint your face you are just my little big girl, and the truth is that I love being around you.  You are so peaceful I just feel a sense of peace when you are around...your kindest also baffles me how kind and caring you are.  I thank God everyday for giving me a daughter like you my puchi.

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