Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Water and Bikes

Well the summer is really here, lately we go to swimming classes everyday and today Samia starts her bible school camp.

Milo this is your first year in swimming and I am very happy so far with your results the truth is that your independence amazes me everyday.  You can be so outgoing and ready for action at all times, there is no such a thing as being scared for you.  In so many ways you remind me of me as a little kids.

Samia this is your second year in swimming and as always you are doing great you are even good at doing back curls is so nice to see you jump and swim back with no help. 

Amir you are my little country boy anything that is with no shoes and outside you are up for it, you actually cry when I bring you back inside.

As far as me I am making it, the truth is that everyday it gets easier, the only thing I still have a hard time is how somebody can change so much, someone that everything was haram becomes so liberal well people change and with change come surprises.  The only thing I know is that God took care and is taking care of me as I type this.

Samia you being practicing in the bike that we got you, is not easy but I know by the end of the summer you would be an expert.


the driver said...

i dont find it very surprising
people changes if they dont have strong believe in what they think they believe at ( very confusing huh)

the driver said...

i dont find it very surprising
people change if they dont believe in what they think they believe at ( confusing huh)

the driver said...

is hard decision i know

Chasing Rainbow said...

Sometimes the good in us don't see the bad in others...

I am happy to see your words. The kids are lovely and they make me smile.

Bonnie Azadan said...

Miss you guys soo much!

El buzon de mi casa said...

Viendo estas imagenes me viene aquello de El mundo es bello

Preciosos chicos. ;)

(Regards from Spain)

Anonymous said...

why did you discontinue your blog Miskita? are you alright?