Friday, July 8, 2011


I am back the truth is that I never left but nenes sometimes am not in the best of moods with everything that is going on and I rather not write.  Because I know if I write I will just put negative stuff and is not fair, since I know one day I will look at this and laugh and thank God for showing me the way. 

To my friends I never forget all of you that come and look at my blog some call me and some text me but the truth is that at times I don't want to talk, am tired of thinking why how when and so forth.

Nenes we are half way in the summer is being good can not complain after all you guys are with me.  Last weekend you guys went to see baba and had a good time which is what matters although nenes I miss you guys like crazy..I think I would not be able to stop seeing you guys for more than 5 days in a row, I can not lie last weekend was a tough one.

Samia you are getting so big and as you grow you become more sweet than ever, I know you understand allot of what is going on but you are afraid and at times rather don't ask, but nena like I always tell you it was not your fault and we love you too too much.

Milo you are my challenging girl but I love it I see myself so much in you, i love how you can go from being so mad to telling me I am the best mami in the whole wide world.  Milo you are also aware to some extent of what is going on but my princess Ariel like you want to be called lately is not your fault you.  The only thing you makes us feel is love for you and we love hearing your endless stories, I think I should call you Radio Mambi boy Milo can you talk up a storm.

Amir you are our lover boy, you get so much love from this three girls you love to make us laugh and dance for us.  Amir I hope you don't stop dancing you have great moves and rhythm and like we say in my country a guy that can dance has a great advantage with the girls.  Amir you love being outside without shoes just being a wild country boy.  You are not much of an eater but you love to drink juice and the last couple of weeks have gotten very tall.  Amir you remind me allot of Milo when she was your age.

Now a little bit about mami nenes, so you can see what mami is up to this days.  She has sad and happy days although every time I see the three of you and the ones around me that help me in my darkest day this is how I feel:

I feel happy that I had three beautiful children healthy, that I know I did everything I could to save my marriage that I was taking for a fool that I trust it with my eyes closed and that even after finding every hing out I was willing to give it a try so I feel happy that Abu and Abuelo made a good person out of me that even though things are very difficult between me and baba I don't hold a grudge against him that I can only pray for him and his wrong actions.  That although he paints a different picture of me deep inside him he knows how wrong he is, and nobody knows what he goes thru everyday since faces we see but hearts we can not see.

The most important things are the kids and they are getting the best of the worlds.


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

I am happy to see you smiling Mistika *beautiful*

Stacy said...

So glad you are back!! We miss you and your kiddos tons!

Anonymous said...

Querida Mistika,
No se si the acordaras de mi. Yo te escribi unas cuantas veces. Me da mucha pena enterarme de lo que ha sucedido entre tu esposo y tu, pero me alegro que lo estas tomando con mucha fortaleza y dignidad. Yo llevo casi 20 anos con mi esposo y se lo dificil que son estos matrimonios entre hispanas y arabes musulmanes. Yo he tenido que soportar mis momentos amargos, pero gracias a Dios lo pude sobrellevar. Sobretodo ten mucho cuidado con tu marido y los ninos. Eso es un riesgo muy grande que tu tienes que tener presente. Siempre existe la posibilidad horrorosa que el se los quiera llevar a egipto aunque te diga mil veces que jamas lo haria. Voy a pedirle a Dios que te ilumine y te de las fuerzas necesarias para seguir adelante con tus bellos hijos. Te deseo toda la suerte del mundo. Si quieres escribirme, mi email es
Maria Eugenia

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it:( I have been so busyand not even looking at anyone's blog including my cousin's. I feel so bad that I just found out. I hope you find peace..and that things look better soon, for the sake of the kids, they all look beautiful BTW.....sending a big abrazo, xoxo

Stacey said...

This post if fabulous. You look fabulous. The kids look fantastic - growing so big. Samia looks like she's 12. So grown up. I miss you lady. I know we don't talk often but I think of you often and worry about you. Take care friend and give me a call or an email when you do feel like talking. Believe me I understand about not wanting to hash things out over and over again!

Anonymous said...

where are you Miskita? Are you OK??? we miss your blog... Shalom

Anonymous said...

Miskita where are u? I gotta know you're fine... we miss you sou much... please let us know...