Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This journey

Well nenes things have being fun around here, we went to the pool the other day we ate watermelon, typical summer activities.  
Is very hot outside so I try to keep you guys entertain here at home although is not always usually ends up in a fight either Samia you get offended because Milo push you, or Milo you tend to harass Amir and his best defense is a little bit of hair pulling.

I just love that combination of chain reaction one hits and the other follows, although Milo you are usually the aggressive one here at home so am kind of glad that Amir is giving you a taste of your same medicine.

This Thursday they would go with baba, nenes this is always a big deal specially for Samia.  Samia for some reason you make this whole show about not wanting to go; however I will venture to say that a couple of minutes after, we make that very painful exchange you are okey.  Is amazing how life has change nenes the truth is that not in hundred years I though this would happen.  Sometimes I think if someone would had predict this a year ago I will had literally laugh in their face, but I guess in a year I will see myself and I will realize how far I had gotten in this journey.

When my problems started I always though that God was teaching me how to control my nerves, mainly because of the kids, nenes I know God put this in my way for a good reason I know there is something out there better for us.  In so many ways like we say in spanish "No hay mal que por bien no venga"

About baba nenes just remember he is a good man and he might had gotten lost along the way but God one day would show him is not for us to judge him.  Sometimes it takes years to realize that we made mistakes and we approach situations the wrong way.  Nenes one day you would learn from this experience learn that we finish every journey before we start a new one.  Nenes is not okey to run away we confront our problems no matter how painful they can be.  And most important of all the TRUTH even if that means hurting others and ourselves, always remember that the truth is a gift that we owe those that we love.  And after all, lies have a very short life span, eventually they all crumble and the damage is greater.  Nenes we would make it, I just know that with the help of those around us, one day we would not cry anymore but instead we would laugh and thank God for everything that we learn in this painful journey.

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