Saturday, May 7, 2011


Nenes not much change for us at home.  On the other hand we being doing allot of going out and having fun, enjoying this nice weather.  We have spend many days outside, either in our yard or at the park.  Today we met our good friend at the Zoo, she had so much fun seeing you guys how big you had gotten.  Nenes Ms. Stacey has known you since you were born Samia you were 9 months and Milo and Amir since you guys were babies.

Baba ni se diga en su vida descojonada un dia una cosa otro dia otra pero que se le hace, todos tenemos una razon por la cual actuamos asi.

One day this week I decide to take a picture at what each of you nenes were doing at the same time.
Samia you were lounging in Milo's bed under her leaf canopy.
Amir you were going in and out of the empty pool.
Gamila you were lounging in the ottomans just being silly girl.

Tomorrow is mother's day although things are not like expected I have the most important thing in my life and that is you nenes.

Samia today you made us laugh so much at the zoo every time you saw some weird animal you would say something like "Mami is that animal from your country" Oh nena we could not stop laughing. Oh nena another new activity we have since baba left is TV night we usually do that Friday and Saturday night. Your famous quote when you watch TV is "I can sleep while I watch TV" not sure how you do that, but that is your theory.

Milo today you decided to pose for your pictures, it was so funny seeing you posing.

Amir you had a blast trying to climb into every single object in your way.

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