Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another week

What can I say that everyday it gets easier.  Is amazing how we learn to cope with situations, everyday is a new start for me.  I  have to be thankful to so many people around us that has  help me and the nenes through this tough times.  Nenes Abu would always say God closes a door but opens a window.

Our days are full of fun always going out to friends house, dinner, park etc.  Nenes I am so proud of you guys there is always something to laugh at is just amazing Gracias papito Dios.

The other day we were going out and since we have do not have anybody to take a picture of us I though this could be the easiest and coolest way to do it.  Milo you were in charge of the light, Samia and Mami in charge of Amir and Mami in charge of the camera...Thank you guys like I always say my little cool helpers.

 Samia you have become my major helper you take so much are of Milo when mami has her hands full with AMir thank.  Milo always remember Samia always took care of you.

This is at our friends birthday dinner. The girls enjoy her so much and I have thank her.

And this are my three crazy kids at bath time which lately has become a cool time lots of splashing and playing ball.

Baba comes around and tries to spend time with you guys which is helpful and Inshallah would eventually make things easier on you guys.

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Beautiful moments...