Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

The weekend was superb.  We had so much fun, egg hunts, dinner, picnic I could had not ask for better.  On Friday we went to an egg hunt/birthday party like always I have no complain you guys are mami's best buddies.

On Friday night mami came back home and we just play our silly games, nenes we have a routine everyday about an hour of crazy dancing, Milo your dancing skills have improve so much and Amir you are just a natural dancer.  Every time you hear a beat you star shaking like no tomorrow.

At night we had so much fun with some friends they invited us to eat out with them and then we came home to play some cards and just have fun.

On Sunday we started our day by going to eat breakfast at Starbucks, it was funny I was the only mami with chidlren in there.  Nenes you guys did so good.  I had so much fun with you guys, then we were going to church but it was so f ull there was just no way I could had make it to service with you three standing up.  As you guys get older we could do that.  Afterwards, we went to get our groceries then we went to the park for a picnic.  I could had not ask for more we had so much fun playing in the monkey bars, the swings, I hid some eggs and you guys found them.  Amir you even went in the egg hunting.  Nenes  thank you for helping be a better person everyday.  


Anonymous said...

I have found your blog again after not seeing it for awhile.
I would be lying if i didn't say how i have sometimes thought of you and your family.
I don't know why.Maybe it is your awsome photos,how you write or just how darn cute your kids are.
Whatever you are going through now i will pray and pray hard that you will come out strong and healed.
I do not remember how i found your blog,but i am glad i did.

Chasing Rainbow said...

Aww, everyone looks gorgeous. Amir is getting so big, and the girls are gorgeous as always. Hope you had a nice Easter. Thinking of you always.