Monday, April 11, 2011


Nenes I will promise I will write more often, however today is not a very good day not in the best spirits but I can not cheat you guys out.

Lately we being getting used to being alone, trying to do things so we can keep busy and not feel the hole baba left.  Why he left I think is something we would always ask ourselves, but the truth only he knows is hard to read his mind these days.  Nenes the only thing I can say is that I am here for you guys and I will always be even though life threw a curb ball at me but I only look at you guys and I feel like getting up and keep on going.  Today I was talking to tio Cesar and I told him I feel Yehia threw me overboard and I either swim or drown.  Okey nenes I will stop now or else I will cry and that is not very good these days.

Here are a few pictures of our cool days together.  Amir you are walking and nene I am so attach to you what can I say you just drive me crazy in love for you.  Gamila you always attach to me I notice you just want to be with me, not sure if you really know what is going on but nena I can assure you we will be okey.  Samia you know baba is not home however you don't know that he would not be coming back, but always remember he loves you guys dearly, and there is always a reason why we do things.  Perhaps they are not the best ones but if we believe they are then it makes things much easier.


Stacy said...

OMG...look how big Amir is getting!!! Love ya...Stay strong!

MK said...

I love that second to the last pic :-) The kids are adorable as always!