Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Complaining takes too much energy

Things are getting better!
Life would always smile nenes no matter which way you look at it, always be in the lookout for that little sun ray that is trying to get in.
We being doing okey, I am doing very good I think better than I expected at times.
The nenes are good, they are so small they don't know left for right, pero nenes you guys have so much fun regardless where that is at.  This past weekend you went with baba to the pool and had so much fun I am so glad they are enjoying themselves.  Like I always tell you my nenes this is not your fault.

Samia you have become my little explorer, you are not afraid of lizards or bugs lately we talk allot about reptiles is just amazing to see how fast you are growing, don't get me wrong nena you do ask me some weird questions but I think I need those questions to realize that you are getting bigger and understanding things in a much broader way.

Samia like always you are so special the other day before you left with baba you made sure to leave me a reminder in my night table...nena don't ever change remember life is about the little stuff.

Gamila what can I say about you we have baby moments, temper tantrum moments, obnoxious moments, sweet moments, happy and then very mean moments....but overall you are my green eye girl, you love to be with your sister and nena that is how it would always have to be remember she is your best friend....milo from so much hair pulling hair you done to Samia now is your turn for some reason your hair is a magnent for Amir.

Milo you are still very independent love to dress yourself and even put your shoes the wrong way but there is nothing in this world that would change that.

Amir you are my dancing funny baby and so good.  You are always happy unless you are hungry or thirsty those are reasons to hear you scream and cry...oh like my manly boy that you are you love to eat dirt and get dirty

But like it is to be expected there are very sad moment like when Samia and Milo see their dad leave and they just stand by the window those are the moments that I wish things could be different, not sure what  they are feeling but my heart breaks when I see them do that.

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Keetha Broyles said...

All three are beautiful children!