Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The weeks go by

I am still here dealing everyday at time, I can not lie there are easy and hard days but I know time is the best cure for everything.  I try to keep busy as well as the kids, thank God I have met a bunch of new people in this town, when I am about to leave. But it does not really matter I am not going too far neither.

 Amir you are my novio I just love being next to me.  Nenas you make my life but Amir every time I see you smile or take a step I just realize that God is watching over me putting you in my life.

 Samia you love the swings now and you go very high not being scared.  My little princess is growing up so fast. Te amo mi princesa del drama.
 And here is the smile I was talking about,  you are just my happy camper at all times.

The other day we went to a Quincanera party the kids and I had so much fun.  They are becoming this late owls with all of these parties we being going to lately.  Is nice after all baba was not much of a social bee, unlike mami that loves to be around people and interact...one more of the things I had giving up.

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SALMA said...

I'm glad that you're doing things that you love. The kids look happy.
Take care.