Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back in the Bayou

We finally got back on Tuesday!  Being home is always a mix of emotions after you live your other home.  However I know that this were I have to be.  The kids like being home playing with their toys, playing with baba.  Is not easy being alone here after having so many family and friends around me back in Miami, but the beginning is always like this.

On the way back we made in two days the trip was too long the first time, it was just not worth it.  I was really hoping baba could meet us over there but due to circumstances beyond my control thta plans change.  Like they always says everything happens for a reason.  Samia and Gamila went back to school yesterday and they love going back into their routeing.  However I can not wait till the summer comes so I can go down to Miami again and spend some days with my family.

The girls had fun in the trip we stop in several places, WOW I never though traveling with a dog and finding a hotel that was pet friendly was so difficult.  Sad but truth, however I do remember it was easier in South Carolina.

In the next couple of weeks allot of changes would be coming, moving to a new town, school searching and the list goes on and on.  I am just getting prepare mentally for all of those changes.

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