Monday, February 28, 2011


Today we celebrated Amir's birthday he is such a big boy now but in so many ways such a little boy.  I had waited so much to make this birthday but things not always come out the way we wish they do.  However, the important part is that he got to blow his candle and the picture that he would always remember.  Nene life is not easy never nothing is easy.  The only thing we can do is keep on going and looking ahead.  This being said in one of my darkest moments as of now, but I know that God has a good road ahead of me.  Like they always before it gets better it always gets worse.

 It was very small but just perfect, Amir love his huge cupcake and the girls love theirs.

Today we would head back home,  for many reasons this time I will miss Miami and all my family and friends more than ever.  But I know I have to go back the kids need their home and Yehia as well.

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