Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guido, Zetu and Zussu in Egypt

Nenes on January 25, 2011, Egypt change forever.  Nenes for about 5 days Egypt has being under siege.  This  morning when Guido and Zetu  woke up they saw 3 tanks by their house exactly in front of the school meaning diagonally to their window. As the day went out the 3 tanks became 8 and with that the fear of what is going to happen.

Is hard to believe that the country is going thru all of this at such a fast rate.  Nenes baba is so worry there are so  many uncertainties at the moment.  Nenes and here at home we want the dictator to leave power soon the sooner the better.  The only thing we can do now is pray that things get better soon.

Even though I am not Egyptian I am so proud of them the tenacity they are having is to be admire.  For those that read my blog please say a prayer for that country and to give that dictator some light and leave soon and fast so lives can be save, and not be so stubborn everything has a beginning and end and his end finally came.

There are so many pictures I have seeing on the net this last couple of days but only one is in my mind at this moment and is this faces. 


KKGhoffman said...

I will be praying for the people of Egypt and your family.

Salma's Visual Notes said...

We are worried about family as well. I pray that all our loved ones stay safe.