Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saturday fun

Last weekend we did things very differently at the house the girls went out by themselves and the boys went their way.  I am sorry baby Amir but we had a blast it was all girls having fun eating, visiting stores and visiting the Aquarium I could had not ask for more.

The aquarium was nice I can not complain when we live in Georgia I wanted to go to the one in Atlanta but they open it a few months after we move.  Inshallah we go one day, they say is awesome. 

I love this pic, she waited patiently till finally all the kids would get out so she could go in.

After looking at all this pictures is amazing what Iphones do.  I have a very nice camera that baba gave me a few years ago but the truth is that sometimes is not even needed specially when you are in the go with little ones.

While we sat down to have dinner we were serenade by them only in New Orleans, it was awesome.

This week is being kind of odd, lots of rain, cold still in pins and needles about Egypt is just not changing making it much harder here at home the unknown can be very puzzling.  We talk with them everyday but like is to be expected sometimes their hopes are up and sometimes they are down.  The worst part about all of these is that we can not do anything about  it.  Like we say just hoping for the best and lots of prayers.

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