Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4 days so far???

Hard to believe that 4 days are gone already from these year...I always wonder what it is that makes time go so so fast..maybe that I don't stop from the moment I wake up, or maybe the that I am older and I treasure more time??? I guess I will die and I will never figure it out.

This first day of the year have being  okey falling back to the routine of the nenes going back to school, I being trying to do my Zumba here at home, although I have to admit I am addicted to Just Dance with the WII yes I look like a complete idiot jumping around in front of my TV but I love it I burn some calories doing something I enjoy dancing.

CAn you believe nenes is almost 10 PM and Amir just finish crying tonight is being one of those nights that he just wakes up for no reason...little spoil brat you drive me crazy Amir but I love you to death nene the truth is that you make me feel like the first time I had a crush in somebody, I see you and I feel butterflies in my tummy.

Samia you are my tech girl like your mama...

And my Milo my companion..yesterday when I was dropping you off in school you told me 

"mami I don't want to go to school, I want to stay with you for ever"  I love you puchi..


Life with Kaishon said...

Your children are just beautiful Mistika!! I am so glad you found us over at Communal Global. One way you can participate and get to know all of us is to do a post every Tuesday called Tuesdays around the World. Then link your post up to us and we will come to visit : )

Have a wonderful new year! Love, Becky

Anonymous said...

Feliz Ano Nuevo!!Abrazos y besos a ti y tu bonita familia!!