Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cool day lots of fun

Today was such a fun day we all played outside for hours the day was just gorgeous perfect not hot not cold.

It was funny seeing all of us outside...Samia opted to read a book my little book worm.... Amir opted to eat grass and crawl...Gamila opted to write in the fence...and baba and mami played catch for a very long time.

Since last year that the Saints won we watch football we did not used to but now we don't miss it so today after warming up for our game baba went to get us some wings for lunch and boy did those kids had fun in particular a little man that though he could eat a whole drum.

Nenes I being meaning to tell you the other day I was at dance practice waiting for Samia and it was the first time I met a lady that was in there and the whole 50 minutes the only thing that came out of that lady's mouth was negative if it was not complaining was saying how tired and exhausted she was....truly after listening for 10 minutes I wanted to tell her can you just shut up...for god sakes you are healthy there are people that are dying out there and believe me I don't think they would spend an hour nenes try to be positive is okey to some times say we are sad or upset or tired or things did not come out like we wanted it but...don't get stuck in your negativity...  

The rest of the week was nice doing the regular routine dance, school, home, baths, watching the sunset out of my window etc.

This week is going to be a busy one little man is getting tubes so we have a bit of appoinments I don't want to think to much about it so I don't start loosing sleep, but I know I am going to be very nervous.

I am also going to start school to get a master soon Inshallah this way when the kids are ready to hit school mami is ready to hit a new career.


Visual Notes said...

I love Amir to adorable.

Anonymous said...

You are very smart to go back to school. Good luck with everything!!

Maria Eugenia