Monday, December 20, 2010

The Spirit of Giving

This week starts our giving time in the Elashry Casa, over the weekend we visited one of the nursery homes here in our town.  This is the second time we have done it and I have to admit this year the girls really got the concept of it.  We went and bought a bunch of little gifts, creams, socks, perfumes, brushes etc.  I let the girls pick and they would ask me "Mami would the grandma and grandpa use this?"

I had being talking to them that we have to take care of the elderly and make them company and sing to them, so on Saturday Samia and Gamila pack all of the stuff, and nenes always remember is not about the money is about the gesture and about spending time with the lonely.

On Sunday afternoon after baba went to work we went the girls enjoy being next to them and singing to them some Christmas carols but the truth is that the grandpa's and grandma's enjoy it more they wanted to hug them kiss them and carry them.  I can not explain what I felt happiness but sadness as well.

The kids are out of school so I am trying to keep them busy this week we would go to the shelter and if I have time I think I will take them to another nursery home, I just want nenes to learn that Christmas is a time to give and not only to receive.


Umm Omar said...

This is wonderful. How do you arrange this? Do you just call the nursing home and tell them you want your girls to come in and spend time with the residents?

Mistika said...

Just call the nursery home and ask to speak to the activity coordinator, and tell them you want to talk your kids with some little gifts they are going to love it. I know Sundays they are very lonely.
Samia and Milo loved it I know your kids would enjoy it as well