Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mio Giving Christmas 2010

So the time has come again we started this two years ago every year we find kids or a family to donate gifts for we do in titi Mio's name she was so good giving to others and specially children so is a way to honor her and to teach the children that Christmas is about giving.

I know the economy is hard but our children are getting gifts there is no reason why others should not. This year we found a family of 9 children ranging from all ages 1 to 16... We tend to increase the number every year. This year it was touching one of the girls has thyroid cancer and it meant so much more for us.

Samia and Gamila what a difference it makes last year you guys wanted every toy as well this year you guys were so happy and picking what goes for every each and the Christmas tags.

I am so happy I can tell the teaching has helped and now you guys understand is not just about you guys getting gifts.

The wrapping is always done by the whole family. However this year baba could not help us he is working allot so we took it upon ourselves the girls Mami wrapped, Samia and GAmila put the bows and pick the cards for each gift. Amir next year you will have a task as well.

Nenes Inshallah we would keep on doing this every year however there are a few rules:

-NEW toys NO DOLLAR store toys that would be Haram or unfair.

-NO receipt for the donation (that would be cheating here we are giving and then get something monetary in return NONO remember we give without expecting anything in return)

-The greeting cards have to say From: AMIRA or titi Mio

Here is the pictures of the last two years WOW! have we change in so many ways

Now that we have done our two traditions now is time for the food prepping and let the music roll. I love to listen to my Colombia music 

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