Friday, December 17, 2010

Ornaments and christmas fun

The last couple of days the girls have brought a bunch of ornaments they made in school they are so pretty, they truly make the tree look so much better.

The weather was super cold at the beginning of the week, but yesterday it was crazy it was warm so I took advantage and the kids decided to go outside pretending they were  having a party, Samia and Gamila can play so well sometimes and at other times they are like cats and dogs, even Amir had a blast outside and so did mami wearing crowns.

Today was their last day of school for Christmas break mami and baba went to see our girls sing and Samia was Angel Gabriel in the nativity play...Samia you were so adorable when you walked in you stop to say hi to us and wave and the whole time you were in the stage you kept on telling everybody my mami and baba are here, those are the moments that make your day, week and life.

Amir you behaved very well during the show that was making sure baba kept you busy.


Anonymous said...

cold weather
warm familya

david santos said...

Great work! Very nice picturs. congratulations!!! have a goodYear 2011!!!