Thursday, December 23, 2010

Busy hands

I finally finish many things today for starters before the holidays I wanted to crochet Samia a blanket that she keeps on asking me, but I was not able to finish it mainly because I got sick and then I decided I was not going to stress myself out about making handmade gifts like I have always done for the girls.

A couple of months back I had purchase some wood dolls the ones that they sell at the craft stores for about $2 a bag of 5 and then you decorated them I had them in my craft room but I had completely forgotten about them, the other night while I wrap some presents I felt so guilty for not making anything for the girls specially them that they are bigger so I decided to paint them and make them different characters.  

The problem is that they don't 'have a doll house I would had love to make one, but with no time and in the no stress mode I am in.  I started looking in Amazon and found a great one I wanted something small, I think they are too small for those huge house that cost a fortune and end up being the bookshelf of the place where everything else goes except the dolls. 

So tomorrow night the girls would have their dolls and their play house.

Today I worked in my tamales like every years tradition and in my natilla tomorrow I will do the bunuelos...nenas every year I suffer with the natilla I am always debating when I should remove it from the fire so today I took a picture when is the perfect timing, I know next year I would be looking at this picture as well.  Inshallah you guys grow and follow all of our traditions and created some of your own.

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