Friday, December 24, 2010

Feliz Navidad

The night came and went better than expected, nenas you guys had a blast and mami and baba enjoy seeing the happiness in your faces every time you open a present.

During the day while baba worked las neans and mami fix the table and finish the bunuelos. WE took our time taking long baths and I even blow dry Milo's hair they looked so cute, nenas today you worn the skirts Abu made for you.

We waited for baba to come home so we can throw the reindeer food so they can see it shinning and Santa can stop in our house.

After putting the food we went ahead and had dinner spoke a little about what Christmas is all about and we were amaze at what SAmia said when baba asked her.

Samia - Christmas is about loving and sharing..(that is my girl)

We all enjoyed our food and then baba and mami do our routine he goes outside to eat the cookies and drink the milk and throw a black bag with the gifts. Then after being inside for a while I start looking at the starts with the nenas baba shakes some bells and then we get all excited because Santa has arrived in our house...and shortly Samia goes outside with Milo and finds the bag, then the fun begins. This year we did not buy many gifts but it adds up with all the gifts we get from friends, Abu, Tio's and friends.

THANK YOU ALL we love them all.

And nenes at home we celebrate early baba is being awake since 430 AM only fair and time does not matter is the moments that count.

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