Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving, Christmas Prep and feeling better THANK GOD DIOS ALLAH

I am feeling better lost of test done lately but the medicine is working...finally Thank God

Thanksgiving came and we made lots of fun things right before and right after, having Abu home is the best thing that happen to me after my nenes.

The other night we had some awesome calamari...I was craving it and we made it it was to die for.

Abu made a very tasty turkey...
That same day baba and the girls worked on fixing the Christmas tree ready to be decorated.

Samia, Milo and Abu fixed the tree they had so much fun.

And here is my last Christmas decorations.

This one was Abu's idea we bought some fancy pretty German chocolate and we put it in our table...

On Koskos our elf is back he come out from retirement and now he is home to keep the girls under check.

The girls love finding him in the morning...after his trip back from giving the daily accounts to Santa Claus.

And this little man is a walking terror 3 teeth, crawling and standing everywhere....and maybe 5lbs more since Abu is being with us.

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