Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunny day

Again Milo today was not easy so I figure that since you stayed home with me it was only fair to take you out, maybe you are acting up because you miss not going to school everyday...however I learn today that was not the case.  The whole day you bother if you are not crying you are demanding or you are just acting up.  Then I took you to the park after we pick up Samia to see if that would make you happy....NO NO came home to acting up and you finally ended up in time out...once again me sacastes la tenes desesperada..espero que manana sea un mejor dia.

The day was gorgeous a bit hot the sun is too strong but we  had fun.  I think Samia and Amir had the best..I always try to read a little bit when we go to the park but is not possible if I am not cleaning the shoes, I am helping one climb something or if not I am removing leaves and stones from Amir's just not possible specially in this huge parks.

I remember living in NYC and seeing the moms at the parks reading a magazine while they played, but now I know why the park was super small no need to keep on looking to the huge surroundings.  I hope when they get bigger I will enjoy going to the park like they do.  They can exercise go up and down and mami can flip some pages...inshallah!

And since I can not read I opt to take pictures, that I enjoy as much!

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