Friday, October 22, 2010

It gets easier!

Well Amir is 8 months and it has gotten easier I have to admit...well i really think it has never being impossible.

I hate it every time I go out and people see me with three kids they look at me like I am crazy or how busy I am at home..come on people for god sakes it is not impossible how did my grandmother did it 16 children, no TV to entertain, no nanny, no washer and dryer and she did it.  I just think as longest one is not lazy and likes routine everything can be done.

And since things are easier we get to cook allot, go out and play and Amir is in every activity either sitting down, crawling or just laughing...Amir you love for Samia to play with you and make you laugh.

Let's start by saying that while I made a nice chickpea curry with no curry (I did not have at home) my 3 enanos played outside non stop, I will tell you the recipe for my chickpea below.

Milo you made that shirt at school, truly your teacher help you, I can not picture you making such a perfect shirt just quite yet.

 Catching the bubbles.

This picture is so funny all of a sudden I hear las nenas caballo mami horsey..and I am like come on in our neighborhood, and I run out to find this..yes that is what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere surround my sugarcane fields..  Is actually nice and I also get policeman patrolling in bicycles.

This is my view while I am cooking Amir loves to be outside and just enjoy his blanket although he has discover grass and he loves crawling to the edge and touching it and giving it a taste.

The girls also do allot of crafts they have show and tell in school and they love making stuff to go and show so the other day I got them this wooden mask and they painted them.

Samia you just wanted to show it, Gamila you told me you are going to scare your friends away with it.  Que mentalidad tan diferente la de estas dos pulgas.

I read a few weeks ago that is good to make children draw in the morning so lately after breakfast instead of watching TV I have paper and crayons out and my nenas draw.  Samia this is a drawing from when you were 4.  I took the time to ask you why you make the arms coming out of the head and you told me that is how they are, I tried to explain that NO but then I figure is art and there is no right or wrong a bit hard for me but I tried. You did mention this was a tree with your teacher in pink and a bird in yellow.

Milo this one is your masterpiece not sure what you drew but at least you did something.

And now cooking time.

CURRY CHICKPEAS WITHOUT CURRY (I ended up using Garam Masala instead of Curry)

1 Can of Chickpeas
2 Tbsp of olive oil
3 Tbsp of tomate paste
1 Small onion
Garam Masala
1/2 cup of vegetable or beef stock, I used beef

Take the oil and heat it up then take the onion and cut in to small pieces and put in the oil let cook for about 5 minutes.

After the onions have being cook add the tomato paste and all of the condiments to taste

Then throw the chickpeas make sure when you open it you drain the water, let cook for about 3 minutes then add the stock and let cook for about 15 minutes.  When is ready to each add some cilantro. 


Anonymous said...

Love having an easy baby! Zavier is too... I was expecting things to get a ton harder (just with 2 lol... funny since we want a big family) and nope. Has actually gotten easy with the exception of for a few weeks at 4 months - and wasn't him, was when Kalila started acting out.

I agree with lazy. Nothing gets done if your being lazy lol.

Routine however... I disagree there. Sorry but not every family works with one. I try... repeatedly. You'd think I'd learn my lesson, but no. Every time I try to put us on a schedule things fall apart here. We work best separate from one. That's great if it works for you... I wish it did for us. Obviously or I wouldn't keep trying... Is something I need to accept and move on lol. This spurred an interesting conversation with my hubby btw.

Oh and you made me jealous of your grandmother btw. No TV.... I'm starting to wish we never had one lol.

Food looks yummy btw. And I miss seeing horses randomly like that. Was normal where I grew up, but def not here. Deer yes... People on horses not so much.

Salma said...

I totally agree. It's work to take care of kids, but it's not rocket science. Some people just can't understand why one is not enough...I never ask why one is enough. Kudos to you, you are a great hands on mom.