Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random pensamientos

I love this time of the year nenes so many things to look forward to.  Like wearing sweaters, scarves, hats and just feeling that cold air hit your face...I know I am in the south but we still feel compare to south Florida.

I have always being a person that gets affected by the weather, when I wake up and I see the bright sun starting to peek it gives me energy to have a full energetic day...although is not like I can stay in bed when is gloomy outside I wish but I don't think I have ever done well maybe when I lived in NY and I did stayed home...not many times but yes nenes it did happen, nobody said Mami was perfect...  Is funny now days I hear"Mami you are the best mami"  all the time is so uplifting even if that day I feel like shit my little nenas make me feel like I am a rock start.

Nenes always remember we can make people very Happy by telling them how much we love them and how proud we are of them...Words sometimes count more than actions being caring is something I am trying and would try my best to teach nenes.  

Samia you are so caring today you wake up extra early and came and cuddle in my bed and you said some stuff that made me so proud of you.

S - Mami can Santa bring me a Little Pony Guitar

M - Nena I don't think they have little pony Guitar

S - Mami like the princess that we bought for the gift I will be happy with that one.

S - Mami you think I can get my sewing machine so I can make some clothes

M - For who your bears or your dolls

S - My bears, Mami I dont really like dolls not even those fancy ones I only like Carmelita because you made it and is special

M - Thank you nena, I made it with allot of love

S - Mami can you make me  a bigger one so I can make it some skirts

M - Yes amor

S - Mami are you going to buy me fabric or you can let me borrow your fabric.

Samia you are so polite and so caring please don't change and always remember girls have to be feminine and caring is our essence that is what makes us unique.

Gamila lately you being a bit difficult more like you test me and push my limits...nenes even though I scream and raise my voice I have never being mad I think the best Way to reprehend you guys is before I get mad because when we are mad we can say and do things that are not correct..but Milo lately you have push me so much that I get mad and that I don't like...hopefully is just a tough week.  Inshallah

Amir what can I say I am starting to have to chase you because your style of crawling is a weird one but a very fast one.  You love to eat and smile...those eyes of yours talk.

Baba is not being easy here at home lately many things going on but his optimism is always a winner that can change around any situation.

Enough of spilling my brains out.

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