Sunday, October 10, 2010

Straight hair! Burn Rice

Let me start with the Burn rice...nenas if you or your children one day have the runs none stop like Amir had it a few days back the best is Abuela's recipe.

Burn the rice and once it is very brown poor some water and let it boil for a few minutes and drink this water of course without the rice...and trust me it fixes you up in no time.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party but prior to making there we went to Ms. Bonnies's house like always we have a blast there, well I feel like I am at home and I know the girls feel the same...and while there we decided to make Milo's hair straight...sorry Milo but I did not like it I even took a pair of scissors and cut your hair is so long and burn, but it was nice seeing you with straight hair at least for a couple of hours.  Baba did not like it we just love those curls nena.

Amir you love animals I am amaze you love touching the dogs pulling their hair, you have no fear whatsoever... I love the fearless personality you all ready display I guess I was too used to the girly thing.

I look at this last picture and I wonder when you guys grow up and hopefully are still friends and look at this picture I can just hear Alexandra with her voice telling you "What you talking about I used to carry you!!!!

Things I being working on HAlloween Costumes...I already convince the girls to use customes we have here at home I am not buying something they are only going to use for an threee hours.  I still need Amir's but it would be simple.

Gamila's birthday is coming up we are planning to do a Dora Theme here at home....
I  am already making stuff like always.

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Stacey said...

I bet that burn rice stuff tastes awful but I bet it works. I am gonna have to remember that.