Friday, October 29, 2010

One more day of play showers and fun

Nenes I have learn in the past 3 years that is not the 100 dollar toy that makes you guys happy, is hard to judge but sometimes the thing I least expect to entertain you those it. I  I had being working in making another felt tent like last years but the truth is that you guys go under the table but lately have not really show much interest in it.  So I decided just to make panels with different scenarios and some dress up dolls.  I made everything out of felt with different change of of now we have a mermaid costume, a princes costume, a bathing suit and I will make more.

It has being a complete hit you guys play for hours making up stories, even the little ponies enjoy the stories.  I took the pattern for the dolls from paper dolls is a very cool website called Making Friends so what I did was print out the pattern and then I let them choose what costume they want and I make it out of felt is very easy, cheap and fast.

Showers that has change allot at home, before since they did not go to school they always took a shower at night, but now that they go to school I don't believe in sending my kids to school with NO SHOWER  and sorry for those that read this and take no showers in the morning that is DISGUSTING...

I remember being small in Colombia in very cold cities and always taking a shower in the morning that shit did not go with Abuela, that is gross.  I always tell my nenas we sweat at night everywhere, and since we sweat we need to shower.  I do accept that washing the hair everyday can be tedious and not healthy specially in curly hair so Abu gave us the solution, that same way she did when I was a little girl.

Amir you on the other hand take a shower at night, however the moment you can stand in the shower you go in the mornings.  You love your shower time and like everything about you SMILES and more SMILES

I always get this guilty feeling I don't take enough pictures with you guys, I get that feeling because every time I see a picture of me with Abu or Abuelo I get so happy and treasure those more than the ones that is just me alone...I will assume you guys would feel the same thing so I try but is hard since is always me home alone with the nenes.

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