Monday, October 25, 2010

Nieve is gone! Fingerprints and flowers

So Saturday morning when I went outside to walk Yuyu I notice one of the doves had died, yes Nieve was gone.  I felt so bad specially seeing Siwa so lonely in the cage it broke my heart.  Baba had left to work already so I called him and he mention to buy a new cage and bring Siwa inside the house.  On our way to the pet store the girls were so sad that Nieve was gone and specially Gamila kept on mentioning we needed a friend for lonely Siwa.  

I had though of getting Siwa a companion but is not that easy to find doves like her, and since they are such a mellow birds you can not put them with parakeets, so I figure if I found some Diamond doves I could buy them and they would be perfect.  Well to the girls luck they had two only so we got them and the girls named them Elvin and Pretty.

Nenes like you already know mami is a frustrated artist, I would have loved to draw and enjoy it and be good at it.  Now that I see Samia getting bigger I figure she could see some of those books that teach you how to draw, I first came across them a few years back how to draw Fairies, when I went to google it I notice it was a bit complicated however I came across Ed Emberly's books and now we all are hook in them even baba, those books are great, they arrived Saturday and I had promised the girls to take them to a fair they prefer to stay home with their book.  Yesterday I will venture to say they were drawing a large part of the day...and today morning when they woke up to go to school they first thing they ask me was if they could draw...I am in love with them.

When they were not drawing we were fixing our plants we got a few plants to decorate outside we spend so much time outside in the back I figure is better to put the plants out there than in the front. 

Amir while your crazy sisters run, plant, play princess and all their crazy games you are just so happy in your blanket enjoying the balls and seeing them.

I love those last pictures of my little man he look so so so cute, or like he is called at home by the girls Lover Boy!

Since my kitchen is so close to the back I get to cook while they are playing outside and I can still see them all the time.  So I decided to make some Sesame Noodles from here.

We all like them, however I will use less Tahina the next time, they were a bit strong for me.  I made a few changes to the recipe I did not add cucumber.

And here is lover boy before going night night, baba loves to bath him he is just so calm for everything.

You guys look so much alike!

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