Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall festivals and a taste of halloween

This season also comes with lots of festivals and chances for the girls to wear their cool costumes..They just love to get dress up even my little pumpkin.  Okey the truth I am not a believer in spending a fortune in a costume that is only going to be worn for a couple of hours at most, so I convince SAmia to wear the Sleeping Beauty this we got for a her back in April for a princess party she had.  Milo you recycle the costume your sister use at her dance recital....I know one day they would ask for costumes but when that times comes I will come up with something.

Gamila you made me take so many pictures of you making mouse faces it was so funny like always you are making jokes.

The girls had so much fun walking around asking for candy and taking pictures and doing crafts.

However this day started with so much fog that is hard to believe that it finally open was almost 10 o'clock and the fog was still very intense. 

After so much fun at the fair my little pumpkin took a shower and is odd but for some reason I don't have too many pictures of him wearing his pajama...but after Abu brought him this grown up man pajama and I just think he looks so so cute.

Amir you are always smiling and being a good boy...I just love you so much mi enano.

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