Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chruch, Party, Zoo, planes uff !!!!

We are back home with baba although I am missing Abuela like crazy I know baba was going insane without us.  I do have to say the weather is much better here in Louisiana than in Miami the days are not as humid and after 4 PM we can be outside playing and not sweating like dogs.

Being back in Miami brings back so many memories, been around my family and my people makes me love my heritage more and more and definitely wants me to keep on teaching my nenes where mami comes from.

Samia while we were in Abu's house you started asking me why everybody speaks Spanish and you don't.  I think you are confuse in why you can understand but you can not speak.

The trip was mainly because I am the godmother for Charlie and they were celebrating his baptism's and his first birthday is amazing how fast time goes is already a year that little man made it into this world, he is adorable, he looks just like his daddy.   

We also got to spend time with Tio Cesar, Samia you remind me so much of him, and Samiuta he is gaga over you.

Here are a few pictures of the party and the baptism.

Here is our table Abuela, Jeane and Gina nenes Jeane and Gina have being Abu's friends for ever and now mami's they are a very girls they are  always asking about you guys and spoiling you with gifts.

Here is tio Cesar te amo negrito lindo!

Amir you are so mellow and easy going well with that been said this last couple of days you are a bit difficult I think you are teething and is making you very uncomfortable.  The whole time in the party you slept in your play pin.


Beautiful girls!!!!!


Samia you are the queen of faces! Everywhere all the time.

Like always tio Cesar has to spend some time alone with the girls and this time he took them to the zoo.

Once again nenes thanks for behaving so well everywhere specially in the airport you guys rock...

Milo you love your monkey he is strap to your back and I have his tail attach to my hand!!!

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