Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dr. Seuss que mamera

Let's start by what has been coming coming out of your mouths lately is not the best the school or the TV or maybe even us adults...example what I have hear the last couple of days.

STUPID  out of Samia's mouth --- she got a sermon from mami
STUPID out of Gamila's mouth a couple of days after - mami took the same action 

FUCK out of Gamila's mouth --- she first said it in Miami and as expected mami told her NO well a couple of days later I catch her very softly telling her Hello Kitty that Samia has said FUCK but by her tone of voice I know she knew is not right to say those words.

This past Friday was our second time of letting them sleep in the room with us in a mattress ... a couple of fridays ago while baba put them to sleep had the great idea of showing them Michael Jackson videos and that was a complete disaster they cry we are scared and by no means I was able to calm them down and make them sleep in their room.  So baba and I decided to let them sleep in our room in their own mattress so we promise them we would do that every Friday.  I am hoping they are going to want to do this till they are 25 so they don't go out on Friday night....hopefully although realistically I don't think los nenes are going to prefer a mattress in the floor with their old folks hearing baba and mami snore.  While they can be clubbing or in a date.  Well wishfully thinking it never hurts to try. Hint hint Samia, Gamila and Amir.

Since las nenas started school and bringing the books home everyday my night reading to them has improve I confess this mami does not read to them every night..hard to believe that every parent does, but like we all know people only tells us what they want us to hear nenes don't ever forget that one.  So when I asked around they all profess they read every night  to their children.  Well what really matters is what this mami and baba do.  That is another one nenes don't worry what others do...just worry about what you are doing and how it is going to affect you.

Now that we are talking about books they being bringing allot of Dr. Seuss books home...the truth nenes mami hates them with a passion they bring back so many memories...

Let's go back on time September 1985 --- 5th Grade Miami Beach, FL that is the first time Dr. Seuss and mami met each other....when we first arrive in this country they did not have ESOL classes so the teachers figure that by me reading Dr. Seuss books I will learn English.  It was pathetic I had that book in front of me from the moment I arrive to school to the moment I left...little did they know I hated it and I did not know how to read in English so a red dog meant Crap to me....I live the Dr. Seuss journey for 2 years till they finally figure out that there were many children that did not speak English and a book was not going to do it, we needed someone to teach us. What comes after that I will tell you guys another time.

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