Thursday, June 10, 2010

Waka Waka - La Morocha - Tball - Pepinos

 Today started the activities for the World Cup and even though we are not playing Colombia we were very well represented WAKA WAKA song by Shakira and Juanes was in the concert as well...Samia this is your second World Cup and MIlo and Amir's first one...nenes get ready for a month full of soccer.

Needless to day we go ARGENTINA all the way...Milo you are already screaming all over the house Argentina with mami, Samia you are not so much into the cheering like mami and Gamila, but we all know it Gamila is PAlacio all the way wild...Samia is Elashry more quiet.

Samia by now you know mami is the wild thing at home baba is the more serious keeps to himself I guess that is one of the reasons we have so much fun just the perfect fit finding each others medium point.  Nenes mami has a big problem she is a bit hyper has a hard time staying still while baba has no problem staying still too long.

Enough of soccer since in the next couple of weeks that is the only thing that would be talking about around my house.

How about if I introduce LA MOROCHA yes that is the name of our new car finally something we all can fit and have breathing space.

And to finalize my little TBALL girl, yes Samia has being playing for two weeks now she loves it and she is getting better at the game.  I just love to see her with her hat and Tshirt she was so lucky that the place that sponsors her team gave them hot pink shirt.

And while Samia plays Gamila watches and watches:
And while this nenas play sports and watch each other mi nene gets ready for these very hot days wow looking at these picture I see baba's mouth, mami's eyebrows.

And in a complete different note like always I jump from one to the other here I am introducing my cucumbers that I planted from seeds.


Stacy said...

YAY!! Love your new vehicle! Samia is too cute in her t-ball outfit!

KKGhoffman said...

It is going to be ALL soccer at our house too. Saturday is our 6th anniversary... but we are going to watch the england vs USA game with Keith's soccer friends. Of well would not want him to miss the game. We will be cheering for USA then England... This should be fun :)

I new car how nice :) Does it have 3 rows?