Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tucas and gym fun

Nenes today we had allot of fun...I got  to do some hair pieces for you guys.  I saw this hair pieces but they are a bit pricey specially knowing that I have to buy 2 of everything so I went ahead and try to make some for the girls...this morning we went early to find some ribbon and then we came home and did a few try's till we finally master it.  After spending a few hours with trial an error I came across this website that has very good explanation.

Milo that's you wearing your ballet pretend clothing.

Amir you are getting so big is amazing how this little babies that are born skinny and small develop so big, lately not even the breast milk is enough I am having to feed you formula at night more often, the same happen with Samia.

Now you love being in your gym, those legs and arms are all over the place:

And here is my little man 10 days old versus 3 months..WOW what a change

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