Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eyes ~ Hand ~ Feet #3

Yes is that time again however this time we have a new member in my collage.  Amir you arrived in our lives 13 weeks ago and we could not be happier.  Is great having a boy in my arms.  I have to admit it we all are in love with you.

By now my nenes you know I love those hands, feet and eyes everyday I make sure I admire them and I always find something new, those eyes are always expressing me new things, those hands are always teaching me new things, those toes are always tickling me.

The first time I did this in February 19, 2009 what did I see then:

Innocent Eyes
Clumsy hands
Tender feet
The second time I did this was in December 21, 2009 what did I see then:
Tender eyes
Curious hands
Beautiful feet 
Today I see 

Curious Eyes
Mischievous Hands
Ticklish Feet

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