Monday, May 3, 2010

Smiles and others

Yes yes my little man now smiles and I love every single moment of it...most of the time the giggles come early in the morning.

Amir looks allot like Milo when she was a baby I think it all has to do with those long curly eyelashes, although his eyes are smaller and definitely my brown I don't even think they are going to be like Samia's brown eyes.  Overall he is a good baby something I find from him very different from my other two girls is that he does not like to be held that much he loves to lay in the bed or in his swings, I think is something that has to do more with him not liking the body heat...I don't blame him I am the same way.

Today baba was home in the morning and we all lounge in bed and play lazy people here are my 4 favorite people.

Seeing Amir sleeps is just like baba estirando trompa with a mean look not sure why they sleep like that but everything has to be said baba always wakes up in a good mood, on the other hand I sometimes wake up in not such a good mood or like they would say "adentro mama Aleida" meaning my Abuela would wake up in a bad mood like I do sometimes is more like I don't want to talk to now baba knows to detect that mood and he just stays away for a while...nenes I guess you guys would learn too sooner or later when mami wants to be talkative in the morning or not so talkative.

Something that makes me laugh about baby Amir is how he can go from this to this

On a complete different subject my raised bed vegetable garden is growing and growing I am so happy although today we found some weird bug is eating my leaves...although I went right away with Guido and the girls to Lowes to buy some medicine for my veggies.  Before leaving I told Samia to go ahead and clean her hands and this what I found after she loves to wet her face all an Egyptian thing Guido and Zetu do that allot and I think from seeing them she imitates them.

Samia although you look so much like me there is something that you have just like you baba is those eyes.

Gamila you are spoil little girl loves to play with Guido and play baby even to the point to make Guido carry you all over Lowe's like this.

And finally here are my plants


on the edge said...

Opps ... forgot to say how fantastic the pictures are !!!!!!

on the edge said...

I have been a way for far too long ! A new baby and a BOY !!!! WOW !!!! am so happy for all of you ! He is sooo handsome and how big the girls have grown ! Congrats on the new baby !

Anavar said...

Your little ones are so sweet! I don't see often such a beautiful, long eyelashes! All three has them. Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

Stylomom said...

So lovely! I like all your pictures Mistika, thanks for sharing.. and yes, Amir does look like Milo..