Friday, May 21, 2010

School is out ~ Veggies

So my vegetable garden is paying off lately we have being making our salads from there I being meaning to take a picture but I always forget.  Today Samia helped me pick the lettuce, the dill, the parsley and some cilantro as well as some tomatoes and we made this yummy salad for dinner.

Samia loves picking the garden and so do I....I just love it.

This week was the last day for Samia's school, is hard to believe that her first year just flew by.  She learned so many things she became a bigger girl, I just love to see how much she has grown this past year.  Now we are getting ready for the summer I already set up her summer activities. 

Gamiala would also go to a dance summer camp, I can not wait to see that she is always getting dress when Samia goes.

Amir you are getting so big you are lifting up your head you look so cute!!!!  

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