Monday, April 12, 2010

Vegetable garden and my little man

Today I woke up wanting to finish the vegetable garden I had originally did it in containers then when my brother came he help me fix it, but it was not done the right way, so this weekend when baba was off he helped me with it.  Guido created the wooded box with the help of Zetu, and Samia and Milo wrote on it while they were hammering the box.

Today we finally filled it.   After much reading about it on line specially in the weed hours of the morning when I am breastfeeding my little man thank God for I phones I sit there and read about it.

The box is not that big so you can have access to it thru all of the sides I raked our soil but in top of it I put newspaper.

Then I filled it with soil for vegetables.

Then I top it with a paper like that is perfect for organic vegetables and is biodegradable.
Then afterwards I planted everything 
It was not hard at all now just have my fingers crossed it works.
Would keep you guys updated.

I still left on containers the mint that it grows like weeds, a Tomato plant and some potatoes those are more like an experiment.

Here is my little man, he is so cute I know I am his mom so no matter how I see it he is adorable to me.

Is funny but I was telling baba over the weekend I can see Samia and Gamila as grown up woman but Amir I have a hard time picturing him as an older man...odd maybe because he is so small and is my last baby....I will see how I feel as the years go, or perhaps I am going to be one of those jealous mother in laws...the kind that the wife is going to cross her fingers so I don't come over their house.....I will try not too, I would love to be like my mom Abuela is the coolest she can see baba and mami screaming our heads off and is like she is not around, the best part of all she even defends him at times.


AlabasterMuslim said...

What are you going to plant in your garden?
I know I tell you this every time, but your son is soo adorable, mashallah!

Anonymous said...

not just because you're the mama, he is just soooo adorable, sending him a big kiss.....

Anonymous said...

not just because you're the mama, he is just soooo adorable, sending him a big kiss.....

Mistika said...

Alabaster - I have eggplant, fava beans, pepper, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, parsley, dill, cilantro.
Wish me luck

Khadra said...

I want to grow mint and tomatoes, but I dont know if I will actually follow through with it.

Amir is such a cutie :)