Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jog, pictures and trouble.

After having Amir I feel I don't take enough pics of the girls is just hard to put the 3 of them together not afraid of Samia but more of Milo all though her new one is 

"I promise I won't hit Baby Amir" 
I know sounds funny but scary at the time, speaking of hitting I guess Tio Fabio can tell you guys one day about my let's go for a ride action, that meant I will grab him by the hair and pull her all over the house running.

Today I decided to take picture of the 3 kids I love to see them together although I can not lie I am always ready to save my little man from those little fat hands of  Milo.

Samia and Gamila you guys love to make funny faces when I take pictures hopefully by the time Amir gets to that age you guys still would be interested on those funny faces.

I also find myself not having enough pictures with my kids those are feelings we get weird but days moms worry about so much crap I am telling you I always talk to Abuela about it and she always tells me how we put mind to things she never did...I guess time has change but I also agree with her in so many ways, we don't see our kids as kids we see them as guest that have to be entertain....I can not stand the famous phrase by many mami's

"where I am I going to take the kids today.??????"

I have overcome that feeling now living in the middle of now where I have learn to entertain my 2 little girls and that is with less than an hour of TV a day, don't ask me how I do it but it gets done...and that thanks to ABuela that is always there to correct me when I get involved in practices that are just not needed.  Wow I think I went off the topic and I vent out a little.

Today I also took Samia for her first jog..I remember jogging with ABuelo in Colombia at least 4 days per week but after coming to this country that was not possible anymore, but is funny how that stayed in my mind.  I had not jog anymore till after I had Samia I though I would never do it but I went on line and found this very nice program on how to run 30 minutes in 3 weeks it was great it did wonders for me.  However now with the beauty of the I phone I found the famous C25k however this one is 9 weeks but I guess for Samia is perfect...let's see how that goes she did very well today she look adorable.


AlabasterMuslim said...

Your daughter looks so determined on that jog!

Stylomom said...

Hi Mistika..been long time but I simply love your pictures and your kiddies are so cute too... I have just finished my studies, and feeling soo tired. I take walks everyday to ease the tiredness and get some exercise, jogging is not for me, cos I cant stand the panting after that... feels like dying or something, good to be back and see your pictures again and the lovely stories! hehe

Khadra said...

you have time and the energy to run?

What are you eating? Send me some lol!