Friday, April 16, 2010

Jogging, Guido at the war, pictures

Today was day 3 of Samia's jogging she is doing very well! I am so proud of her.  I should also say that today was Amir's first day riding the jogging stroller next to Milo he cried at the beginning but then it was okay, that was till I made a quick stop and the crying continue. 

Guido is being going with us to jog, he wants to have his body moving.

Nenes actually the other night guido was telling us his war stories...yes nenes Guido was in the 1973 war  he almost lost his life he drifted in the sea for 18 hours till he was rescue by a fishing boat and thank God he was rescue.  Guido was an electric engineer in a missile ship for Egypt when they got hit by Israel the ship was in fire so he had to jump..after jumping a couple of hours later he found a boat with two of the marines from the ship that had also jump but with a life saver boat..

This man is so kind he loves to help you guys and teach you guys he has so much patience and he loves to play with you guys.

On another note the garden outside has grown allot tomorrow I will take pictures to share.

When I was pregnant I came across this shirt and I just love it, I can picture Amir telling his sisters that in a couple of years.

I being trying to take pictures of the nenes hands, feet and eyes but it has not being easy...this is the only shoot I have being able to take after looking at it I realize Amir is missing his red thread so today I took care of it.

I have to admit this three little people are my life God bless me in so many ways...gracias papito dios.

Amir I love your mouth is just like baba's.......


Kim said...

I don't even know Guido but I just want to hug and squeeze him - he seems like the nicest most loving man!

Anonymous said...

Baby Amir is Hyper-cute. God bless,

AlabasterMuslim said...

Baby Amir and your girls are precious!
The war story was interesting, thank god he survived!