Saturday, March 20, 2010

No words

Maybe for many of you this post has no meaning, but for us that we are two immigrants in this country means allot.

The other day I overhead Samia saying this(watch video) I was not quite sure what I was hearing till I asked it to recite it again.  I was so proud and happy that my child knew it by memory, I have to admit we don't even know it when I came to the country I was a bit older and by the time baba came here he was much older.  Is so nice to hear her say it, know that this country gave my parents the opportunity of raising me in a country were you can be whatever you set your mind to do.  Where no social classes exist and if they do, they surely do not affect the vast majority of the people.

I know baba is super excited as well we talked about it after hearing it and he is  so happy to be able to live in in this land that has offer him the stability that perhaps he could had never had back home.

Don't get me wrong we love where we come from Colombia and Egypt but we also have to thank this country for letting us make a life and enjoy freedom in so many ways...and also to know that our children would be the first generation of Elashry family in the USA.


Lizzie Fish said...

Anamaria, that brought tears to my eyes. There are too many of us twelfth, or twentieth generation Americans who forget MUCH to easily what a blessing it truly is to live here. Thank you for posting this! =)

Anonymous said...

lovely!!It does mean a lot I'm an immigrant too and I truly appreciate the freedom and opportunities that the US has given me, among them meeting my husband here, going to school here, learning english at age 6, whew so many things, gracias por recordarnos!