Friday, March 19, 2010

Morcilla estilo egipcio

I know many of you would not know what my tittle means but is this type of sausage we make in Colombia call morcilla and is not found where I live I have to be in a big city where they have a Colombia restaurant for me to enjoy it....but thank to Guido and Zetu I got to taste some egyptian style...called Osban is made with rice and very tasty...I just love how my inlaws bring all kind of foods from back home.

I also love the fact the kids get exposed to all kind of foods for instance so far we have had Osban and pickle eggplants those were a bit too spicy for las nenas and myself but the Osban oh boy those we love.

Normal on me I go from one subject to the other.  They brought many things with them but there are certaing things that we love for instance baba remember a while back that Guido had a pair of Carrera glasses those things are extinc now days and surely enough Guido has had those glases since about 1983 and he brough them for baba to hold them...I know baba would not wear them but would treasure them as a keepsake..and I have to admit nenes baba  looks so cute with his glasses on.

Nenes I love collection this mother pearl boxes from Egypt everytime they come or I go I make sure I get myself one I absolutly love this one, I guess I will give them to you guys when you guys get older.

And now to Baby Amir nene  you being eating a great deal hard to keep up with you but at least Guido gets to give you the bottle.

Gamila you love your baby brother but can be a bit rough with him at times so we have to keep our eyes very very open with you since you tend to be a a bit rough I think you confuse the baby with one of your baby dolls
 I had to put this picture there so much love between them too in this pictures is just what a mother and son feel for a grandson.

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