Friday, March 5, 2010

Many things

Baby Amir like you are called here at home by Gamila yesterday you had your first real bad and you loved it. You were so happy and relax maybe it was that super duper tub. Amir we had little helpers Gamila was in charge of your towel and Samia in charge of the soap....Gamila for some reason you love passing me the towel even when I am taking a shower. Abuela was there to assist me as well..nenes I have to be sincere I have always had a fear giving you guys a bath right after you are a born is wear but truth.

Amir yesterday we went to your two week old check up and everything is going smooth Alhomdulliallah!

Also things are home are not easy I can not lie having 3 children under 3 is not an easy task but like everything in life it can be done as longest we are organize we can manage of course there have to be a few changes for instance Amir is always away from the girls access that even means cutting the handles from the moises.

Amir you are pretty good however the last couple of nights you being waking up allot but is a growing spur so I just have to hang in there for a couple of weeks..I guess next Monday I will really know what is to be home alone. I love seeing how the three of them are so different and they can be so challening in their own little ways the other day I had sleepy Amir, butterfly Samia and jumpy jumpy Gamila

Amir here is Abuela holding you I wonder if Abu would be around when you look at this pictures and realize how much she loved you guys.

Amir some say you look just like me however when you are sleeping you look just like your baba.

And here I am with my 3 nenes I just love taking pictures with them like we call it Foto time.

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Kim said...

You should FRAME that picture of Baba and Amir sleeping - it is BEAUTIFUL! Brings a happy tear to my eye! Love and miss you!