Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daddy and Amir ~ I am a bee magnent

this is my 3rd time around breastfeeding.  With Samia it was a bit challenging she was very small and I was inexperience and scared so I breastfeed but also supplemented with formula.  With Gamila I breastfeed exclusively till about 6 months I stop right before going to Egypt.

With Amir I am breastfeeding hopefully I can keep it up, however not sure how things are going to work after next Monday when Abuela goes back, we are expecting Guido and Zetu in about 2 weeks so I think I can jiggle it for a couple of days.  Baba has always being a supported of me breastfeeding but with no pressure which I love it, it really  makes the process more enjoyable.

With this being said I being drinking allot of Halva which is the same as Fenugreek seeds, funny but we had purchase some in Egypt when we were there the last time.  I being taking a cup of the tea once a day but Amir is staring to eat so much that I have increase the intake to two teas per day making me smell very sweet..thank God is winter because if it was spring I will be afraid of being outdoors .

We take the seeds and boil them making a very thick substance, we make a big pot and just leave it there for a couple of days.  When I am ready to drink it I take a full spoon of the seeds and with some of the liquid add some sugar and add about 2 ounces of milk and warm up.


Mama Kalila said...

:-D That's cool. I just get the tea from the store lol.

Salma said...

Thinking of you, happy to see the family altogether.