Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blooming and running behind eggs!

Everything is blooming is just so gorgeous, rejuvenating is something I can not explain makes you want to be outside the whole day and just look at them. I have to admit we are doing things outside as much as we can since later on I know is going to be hard because of the humidity.

My roses finally came I was a bit afraid that after the cold weather we had my roses bushes would not survive but they have started to bloom.

As I was taking pictures of my garden I came upon this flower and I found a lizard in top of it.  It was just great Samia fell in love with it, she could not believe it.

We also did a little egg hunt for the girls outside and they did very good looking for their little eggs is the first time we do something like that, Samia was so into it.

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