Sunday, February 28, 2010

Otro Dia

A new week what can I say is a bit challenging thank God to Amir he is a very good baby sleep and eat that is what his days are like now days.  Although I have to admit sometimes I feel I don't spend too much time with him since I have to be with Gamila and Samia I guess is normal so I try to enjoy as much as I can my nights with him even if that means loosing a bit of sleep.  Also, knowing this would be my last baby  makes you want to enjoy every minute of it to the last detail.

Amir your sister and your Abu love to bath you and the best part is that you love having your hair brush by Samia.  Amir Samia loves taking care of you she is great as a big sister, what can I say is just that loving personality she has.

Nenes I am sorry for so many pictures but I just love taking pictures of everysingle moment I love going thru my pictures from Colombia when I was small and I hope you guys one day would enjoy all of these pictures and like I said it many times if you guys don't enjoy them, one day when I am old and alone with baba we would enjoy all of these memories.

YEsterday Abuela and I were going thru some old pictures of me as a baby and I found a picture that I just loved is tio Cesar and me with days of being born.

I just had to take pictures of Amir with his older sisters, I love the way Samia looks at her brother in these pictures.


Michelle said...

Such great pictures! You have a beautiful family!

Stylomom said...

I love them, they are so lovely mashallah!

AlabasterMuslim said...

You seem so motivated to blog and attend other activities, right after giving birth!! I hope it stays this way, inshallah, and you continue to heal!!
Your son and daughters are sooo beautiful mashallah, its very obvious your whole family loves each other a lot.

Mrs. Palacio said...

OMG Mistika I think Amir looks a lot like you he is georgous can't wait to hold my nephew, god bless him...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous baby and, of course, the girls are as beautiful as ever. You are so very blessed!
May God continue to bless your lovely family. I also think Amir looks like you, but don't tell baba that. All men want their sons to look like them, lol! My son looks like me and my husband still won't admit it after 14 years. I have to say seeing all these beautiful pictures makes me so nostalgic to when my Zach was a newborn. Now he is a moody teenager, lol! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
Maria Eugenia