Monday, March 29, 2010

Egg hunt and jump rope

Today we had a little Easter Party a little one with our friends, we did not fill the eggs with candy the girls really don't know what is suppose to be there so we cut out the girls names in little papers, grapes and a few candies.

After the girls collected all of the eggs we had the girls open the eggs and find all of the letters of their name, the love it and I think is a great way to help them with their letters and spelling of their name.

Oh I should also mention Samia and Alexandra play pretend that they were wearingmake up Yes they got hold of some pen and painted their eyes....

Oh Samia this morning while I was taking a shower you started going thru my jewelry box and you kept on looking at my rings and trying them on, asking me when I got it and if she will get that red diamond when she grows up......I just love it is amazing how fast time is going on, I can not believe you are already asking me when you will get all of my jewelry.  And YES my nenas you guys would get my jewelry like I got many of the pieces from Abu and some from titi Mio's as well.

Today we also introduce the girls to the jump rope well I should say Bonnie did


Michelle said...

Such a great idea filling the eggs with letters!

MK said...

How fun. I wish I had better egg hunt pics.